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The goal of our research is to understand how the brain  controls movement. Accurate movements require complex sensori-motor transformations that integrate current body configuration with high-level goal signals to produce the desired motor command.

To understand such transformations, we examine eye-head gaze shifts which rapidly change our line of sight, as well as rapid visually-guided reaching movements. Gaze shifts are produced by the oculomotor system, which has traditionally served as an excellent window into brain function. Recent work suggests that the oculomotor system contributes to the earliest recruitment of limb muscle activity, and we are exploring the implications of these findings in in Parkinson’s Disease.. In our lab, we combine neurophysiological and behavioural techniques in both humans and animal models.

Another direction in the lab leverages our findings about the oculomotor system toward an improved understanding of how various forms of brain stimulation influence neural activity and behaviour.

The lab is headed by Dr. Brian Corneil, and located in the Brain and Mind Institute at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.

Contact Info

Robarts Research Institute

1151 Richmond St N

London, ON, Canada, N6A 5B7

Tel: 519-663-5777, x24132

Fax: 519-931-5233

Email: bcorneil [at] uwo [dot] ca

Created March 2011. Last updated October 11 2021

Gaze Control Lab

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