Our laboratory provides a unique research experience via exposure to cutting-edge techniques in neurophysiology and behavioural neuroscience. Collaborative projects and interactions with other members of the The Brain and Mind Institute and the Canadian Action and Perception Network are available, and contribute to an outstanding research environment.

We’re always on the lookout for new trainees with an interest in neuroscience. The research we do is computationally intense, so a familiarity with computer programming (e.g., Matlab) is an asset.

Post-doctoral fellows are invited to inquire joining the laboratory at any time.

Graduate students with a background or interest in Neuroscience, Physiology, Psychology, Computer Science or Biomedical Engineering are encouraged to consider joining the lab. Students can be supervised through the Graduate Program in Neuroscience, or the department of Physiology & Pharmacology.

Undergraduate students wishing to do their honours undergraduate thesis in the lab should contact Dr. Corneil and the appropriate coordinator in either Physiology & Pharmacology, or Psychology.

Living in London

Western is located in the city of London, Ontario. London (population 400,000) lies midway between Toronto and Detroit, and is easily accessible by air, train, or car. Click here for some information about life in London.

Gaze Control Lab

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