Principal Investigator

Staff and Students

Corneil Lab alumni

Mike Pace

MSc Neuroscience 2010

Post-lab: UWO Meds

Scott Stevenson

MSc Neuroscience 2009

Post-lab: U Guelph Vet School

Benjamin Nagy

MSc Neuroscience 2008

Post-lab: Imaging and small business consulting, Toronto

Sam Rezvani

MSc Physiology 2007

Post-lab: Law school, U Ottawa

Jim Elsley

MSc Physiology 2007

Post-lab: Law school, UWO

Suryadeep Dash, PDF

Project: Behavioural and neurophysiological effects of unilateral and bilateral FEF inactivation

Chao Gu, MSc

PhD Candidate, Psychology

Project: TMS in non-human primates

Darren Pitre

Registered Laboratory Animal Technician


Dr. Tim Doherty, Western

Dr. Mel Goodale, Western

Dr. Paul Gribble, Western

Dr. Kevin Johnston, Western

Dr. Steve Lomber, Western

Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo, Western

Dr. Andrew Pruszynski, Western

Dr. Dave Walton, Western

Jeroen Atsma, Nijmegen NL

Dr. Aaron Camp, Sydney

Dr. Tim Carroll, University of Queensland

Dr. Sharon Cushing, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Dr. Dan Guitton, McGill, Montreal

Dr. Ziad Hafed, University of Tubingen

Dr. Alex Huk, University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Jerry Loeb, University of Southern California

Dr. Pieter Medendorp, Donders Center for Cognition, Nijmegen

Dr. Douglas Munoz, Queen’s University, Kingston

Gaze Control Lab

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4th year undergrad thesis students and summer students

Patrick Park

Douaa Mostafa

Tanya Shoot

David Park

Isaac Kim

Josh Cheng

Jeffrey Wong

Dragana Cvetkovic

Joey Lombardi

Hanin Abdullah

Stephanie Hyder

Stephen Wegener

Shane Gonsalves

Dr. Brendan Chapman, PhD

MSc Neuroscience 2006

PhD Neuroscience 2011

Post-lab: Professor of Biomed Engineering, Centennial College

Dr. Samanthi Goonetillleke, PhD

PDF: 2007-2011

Post-lab: Clinical Psychologist

Tyler Peel, PDF

Project: Behavioural and neurophysiology effects following cryogenic inactivation of the FEF

Todd Stevens, PhD

Research Associate

Katherine Faubert

Research Technician, RVT

Sebastian Lehmann, PDF

Project: Effects of TMS in the oculomotor system

Rebecca Kozak,

PhD Candidate, Neuroscience

Project: Sensory properties of the stimulus locked response